Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) Registration


A Non-Banking Finance Company is a company registered under the Companies Act, and it deals in the business of loans and advances, acquisitions of shares, bonds/stock, debentures, hire-purchase, etc.

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  • Registration and license for the NBFC Company.
  • Registration with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Reserve Bank of India.
  • Regular assistance of CA & CS;
  • Minimum of three directors are required for NBFC
  • It can be formed as a Private limited company or a Public limited company.
  • Provides loans and credit facilities
  • Helps in investments in properties;
  • The promoter will be Director/ Managing Director;
  • A set process of Company Management;
  • The same person can become Director and Shareholder both;
  • Even Father and Son, Mother and Son or Husband and wife can become Directors and Shareholders and get registered a Company.

Documents required:

  • Copy of PAN;
  • Copy of Election ID or Driving Licence;
  • Copy of AADHAR;
  • One Passport Size photograph;
  • Copy of Bank Statement 1st page and Last page of for not more than two month older;
  • Copy of electricity bill for registered office address.Copy of PAN of all the directors